Pros and Cons of Family Filters

I posted some information a few weeks ago about ‘family-friendly broadband’, you can read that information here.

Unfortunately, a filtered broadband service is not a silver bullet, there are disadvantages.  For example, if you apply a blanket family filter to your service, a website like, which allows you to find recommended wine, is blocked.  Bizarrely, is also blocked by the O2 family filter.  McDonalds and Coca Cola however, are not…

Family filters are pretty blunt objects.  You might find your household internet connection becomes less useful if you use one – but if you want a simple way to stop 99.9% of the worst of the Internet getting to your kids, whilst they are in your house, then they’re still worth considering.

One more thing – remember that although your broadband is filtered, if your child takes a device to their friend’s house, or somewhere with an unfiltered connection, the protection is lost.  It is best to ensure the browser blocks unwanted content as described in another earlier post.


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